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Today Renee O'Connor is a successful actress, filmmaker and mother, but the journey to a successful acting career, and her role in Xena: Warrior Princess took tenacity, tunnel vision and the commitment of a true artist.

World class triple-jumper, Olympic hopeful and mom, Blessing Ufodiama shares her championship passion and why it is so important to listen to that little voice in your head.

Inspiring stories from the trenches of life,

shared by everyday personal heroes.

Life is hard, there's no doubt about it.

Regardless of your home, your family, your surroundings and your passions, the struggle is a given. Yet, why go it alone?

Camera Conversations was created as a resource for those facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles only to recognize that, there are others available to show you the way -- virtually. These episodes are short anecdotal stories, from those who have stepped into the ring of life and come out victorious.

Life is absolutely a contact sport, but it isn't meant to be a solo activity. That's why Camera Conversations is:

Life. Shared.

For over twenty years Marissa Roth wore the photojournalist credentials representing the LA Times among other world class news organizations. Never easy, her pictures earned her a Pulitzer Prize and a stellar career.

After transitioning from a woman to a "male person", Alex fulfilled his desire to always give birth. In this story, pregnant Alex shares his journey, desires and future of being the best dad ever.

"Identity" can come at any time, at any age. For Monique Marshall, an amazing teacher from New York City, her epiphany came while in college in an emotional burst that changed her life forever.

The start-up community is hardly new. Creating a business in any climate can be a daunting task. For Cooper Bates, the co-founder of Hint Mints, the journey was enlightening and highly rewarding.